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Highlander fic: Communion (NC-17)

Disclaimer: 'Highlander' doesn't belong to me.
Title: Communion.
Author: shadadukal.
Pairing: Amanda/Methos.
Rating: NC-17.
Archive: don't do it yourself please, but if you'd like to see it somewhere, tell me where and I'll go and upload it myself if I like the place.
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, PWP.
Words: 1,691 words.
Setting: just after 'One Minute to Midnight'.
Betas: ekaterinn, maiamorgan.Thank you for your help!
Author's notes: in my mind, Methos has several places around Paris that he can disappear to. So, he hasn't left yet at the moment of the tag of OMTM, even if Joe and MacLeod think he has.

Follow the link.
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